The people making Ezra possible.

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They’re part of a wide network

Because we are a part of LHH, we rely on their not-so-little black book of names – which means we can coach people from London to LA and Singapore to Sydney. And they all have specialist subjects, so whether your team need help with public speaking or managing teams, we’ll set them up with the right people with the right experience.

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They’re experienced

All our coaches have a track record with LHH, and on top of that, we put them through their paces when they become a certified Ezra coach. We only work with people we’ve seen create a sense of trust with their coachees – that’s the foundation.

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They’re certified

Our coaches have qualifications from the International Coaching Federation as well as real life business experience, generally in Fortune 500 companies. They’re also well-versed in all the big development assessments and processes, like personality, values and motives.

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They’re picked for you

Because every organization has different dreams and schemes, we don’t give you a one-size-fits-all group of coaches. We’ll talk to you about your plans and goals, then curate a pool to fit. And we’ll bring them thoroughly up to speed with your business before they chat with your teams.

Interested in becoming part of the coaching revolution?

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