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The world’s largest human capital company turns to Ezra to develop their future leaders with coaching

  • Ezra
  • June 1st, 2021

The Challenge

The Adecco Group needed a potent strategy to develop and retain high-potential candidates for its future leadership pipeline.

Coaching Experience

TAG is one of the world’s leading human capital companies with more than 35,000 employees spread across 60 countries. Ezra was commissioned to work with participants in the International Future Leaders program, an initiative that has consistently attracted some of the best and brightest leadership talent in the human capital industry.

IFL candidates are typically high potentials with less than five years of working experience, and less than two years with TAG. They tend to be super-engaged, high-performing and internationally mobile.

A total of 35 IFL program participants were offered a six-month, unlimited-access engagement with Ezra executive coaching. TAG’s goal in offering coaching was to create a strategic pool of high-quality, high-functioning internal candidates to feed its leadership pipeline who could demonstrate the skills and passion to drive transformation and foster a culture of innovation.

[My coach] is always a pleasure. He goes above and beyond and I always feel more accomplished after speaking to him

Sr. Admissions Producer & Operations Lead, US

The Results and Impact

4.9 5 rating on average how great their coaches were
+14% retention following their Ezra coaching experience

agreed that Ezra contributed to their ongoing development

The Outcome

IFL participants reported that their access to Ezra executive coaching was particularly important because of the added stress of dealing with the complications from the pandemic.

The TAG’s main goal in deploying EZRA for its future leaders is to build a “more mindful” leadership culture, a goal that was achieved during this program in.

The participants said they were “likely” or “very likely” to recommend Ezra to friends, family or colleagues.

Bani  Sohdi Adecco Group Ezra Case Study

Bani Sodhi

Group Strategic Programme Manager, TAG International Future Leaders Program

Working with Ezra has been a dream...

Professional coaching is such a fantastic neutral sounding board for young professionals, to really challenge their innovation muscle and help them operate in this time of ambiguity.

We chose Ezra because of the genuine effort we saw in tailor-making the solution to match exactly what we needed. The best part of working with Ezra was the co-working. It was a dream for a client, from onboarding the coaches, to really choosing the relevant coaches, to troubleshooting. The customer experience with Ezra has been a dream.

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