Successful Sponsorship For A Coaching Program

  • Sean Cordon, Customer Success Lead
  • September 15th, 2021

Sean Cordon, Customer Success Lead at Ezra, discusses how internal staff can successfully sponsor a coaching program within the workplace, and how to get started.

Successful Sponsorship For A Coaching Program

So, you’ve decided to invest in developing your people – wonderful! And you’ve decided on coaching – even better! So, now you’ve made the decision it’s time to start thinking about how you’ll set up the learning – budgets are finite, of course, and you and the business expect an impact from the investment you’re making. 

I work in the part of Ezra we call “Customer Success.” Our role is to set programs up to be as successful as possible – supporting our clients and users to get all the value they can from coaching. Over the 100s of programs me and my team have launched, we’ve noticed some commonalities that really make programs stand out.

Read on to learn what you should be thinking about.

  1. Set a clear objective and success criteria – firstly, we’ll work with you to understand what’s important to you and your business. This sets the foundation from which we can measure performance, it allows us to make tweaks proactively, and ultimately lets you show off the wonderful work you’ve done. At Ezra our clients vary – some love the data, for others word of mouth feedback is what matters – what makes your business tick?
  2. Pick the right people – the key to getting bang for your buck is identifying the right people for coaching. Who is most important to delivering on your specific objective? Sometimes this is the C-Suite, other times it’s your front line, or maybe you need to feed your leadership pipeline and develop your high-potentials. We even see clients going out to their whole business and let people sign up for coaching – what a way to empower the people that really want to take themselves to the next level! 
  3. Engage your audience (and make it personal) – effective communications ahead of beginning any learning intervention build excitement and drive engagement. There’s a reason Simon Sinek has made millions talking about ‘starting with why’ – make sure your communications highlight the phenomenal development opportunity, the impact it can make on their careers, and the link back to your original organizational objective. Think beyond email as well – can a video, intranet post or live event get you more traction?
  4. Involve others – executive sponsorship for your program does wonders to make your program feel special. Make sure your participants hear why the opportunity is important and how it will benefit the business from someone who has ‘been there and done it’ – even better if they can share a little about their own leadership journey and experiences with coaching! 

Participants’ line managers are also a key group – make sure they understand the business objective and know the role they can play: giving permission to take time for development, celebrating successes and championing professional development by actively giving and receiving feedback.

Lastly – use your Ezra team! We love talking about the superpower that is professional coaching and we’re here to help.

  1. Start with a bang – starting with an official launch event is a great way of capitalising on the excitement you’ve built to really drive engagement from day 1! Be creative – include more than just the ‘what you need to do’ messaging in this event!

Incorporating these ideas will go a long way to setting your coaching up for great engagement and impact – ready for you to sit back and watch the great feedback roll in, right? Well, sort of – don’t forget to revisit progress against your success measures regularly and makes tweaks as you go. 

Successful Sponsorship For A Coaching Program

Doing it differently is a core value of ours and we’ll work with you to improve continuously and to elevate the impact you achieve. Follow these steps and you’ve got all the ingredients to delight your stakeholders and build a water-tight business case for more coaching further down the line.

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