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Coaching For All

Ezra’s approach to online coaching

At Ezra, we not only believe that everyone can benefit from coaching, but also that they should have the chance to. That’s why we’ve developed an online app to help make coaching accessible for all.

How you want it, where you want it, when you want it

We know how busy work keeps people, with a seemingly never-ending parade of meetings, video calls and deadlines. Your team members probably have enough on their minds as it is, and that’s why our app is designed to work with them and for them, to keep coaching quick, easy and accessible.

1. Whatever time and place

By hosting our coaching online, users can book sessions for a time that works best for them – whether this is in a quiet moment at work, in the evening or even during their commute.

How it works

2. All in one place

Time is a precious commodity, so we’ve streamlined coaching by putting it all in one place. Not only is booking and feedback managed in the app, but the coaching sessions take place via it too!

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3. Coaching to fit your needs

We offer a number of preconfigured coaching programs – and we’re the first to offer customizable ones too. Whatever you need coaching to achieve, we can find you the right goals for your team.

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