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Who Needs Coaching In Your Organization?

Coaching has been traditionally reserved for the highest levels of leadership

Our clients have discovered that coaching at scale - delivered to as many people as possible - produces the biggest return on investment.

Coaching that lifts individuals - and their organizations - to another level

Successful companies have known for decades that coaching has the power to make good leaders great. With Ezra, you can bring that superpower to leaders at all levels, from the C-suite to frontline managers.

1. CEOs are facing more critical challenges than ever before

From leading transformations to serving as front-facing ambassadors for their organizations, CEOs face more demands than ever before. Ezra provides support to CEOs with coaches who have first-hand experience with the pressures of the C-suite.

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2. Executive coaching the Ezra way

Your executives have no shortage of demands on them. They must cultivate innovation while ensuring execution. These leaders need the support and feedback that Ezra can provide, both to drive results and inspire the people they lead.

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3. Board coaching to support the unseen champions

Board members are the unseen stewards of successful organizations.

Board members serve as mentors and advisors to the C-suite. However, they are rarely supported with coaching. Ezra can provide tailored coaching on a schedule that allows board members to balance sessions with other obligations.

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4. Management coaching for tomorrow's top leaders

When they are promoted, most managers come to a sudden realization: although they are masters of technical skills, they do not know how to be leaders. Ezra can help top talent grow into top leaders.

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5. Accessible employee coaching for large organizations

Although coaching is largely seen as a tool for leaders, it can also support employees in general. Ezra can help build a coaching solution to help your people navigate transitional career moments like maternity leaves, promotions and expat assignments.

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Coaches make for happier, healthier, more productive employees