Employee Coaching For Everyone

Okay, so you’ve decided that you want coaching for your team. Now we’ll tell you why Ezra is the perfect fit for your organization.

Coaching is a superpower

It can change people’s lives, it can make teams happier and it can turn whole companies into more inclusive and more productive places to work. How could we not consider coaching to be a superpower?

7800 world-leading companies
16K+ coaching sessions

That’s why we’ve made it easier for everyone to have the opportunity to develop with the world’s best coaches. From the boardroom to the cubicle, we believe everyone can be better with a coach.

Woman working from home, video conference with coworkers.

We believe in what we do

At Ezra, we honestly believe in the power of coaching to make people better, and we feel that we’re the best placed to offer that opportunity. We care deeply about what we do, which is why we’ll always make sure to keep you involved in discussions and decisions at every step. We’ll always listen to your feedback and suggestions because, just like in coaching, that’s how we all improve.

It’s our job to turn the complex issues of growing and developing your team into something so easy it can be done all with one simple app. And we hope you’ll join us on this journey.

2000+ experienced coaches in a global network
51 Coaching in 51 countries and 21 time zones covered in our first year
350K+ individuals supported each year