Professional coaching, done differently.

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Everything’s done for you

If you’re rolling out Ezra, all you need to do is a little picking and choosing. First, you’ll pick the coaches you think suit your groups - we’ll get them up to speed. Then you’ll choose the people from your organisation who need coaching. We take care of everything else, making sure it’s as easy for them as it is for you.

Designed to be world-worthy

We’ve been supporting leaders and teams in over 7,800 companies, across 66 countries, to support more than 350,000 individuals each year. So we know what we’re doing. This is why we’re best placed to drive the coaching revolution and share our knowledge to create better managers, more energized teams and a culture of talking, learning and growing across the world. Because we know everyone can benefit from a coach.

Seasoned coaches, box-fresh tech

Over the years, LHH has learned what to look for in coaches and how to get the best for each business we work with. Ezra combines this ready-made network of tried-and-tested coaches with brand new technology that makes it easier to talk.

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Finally measurable

Let’s be honest: coaching used to be tricky to track and quantify. So when we designed Ezra, we wanted to make it super easy to measure how well the coaching relationship is working. Everyone gives feedback in the app, then we’ll send you a monthly report so you can track the overall impact and spot changes over time.

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Security as standard

We know privacy is really import to you.  As part of LHH and The Adecco Group, we follow their standards when it comes to data privacy and IT security. (Everything we do is reviewed by both companies’ security and privacy teams - monthly, quarterly and annually.)


See ezra for yourself!

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