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Meet Ezra, the professional coaching app

Now everyone can be better with a coach

Develop your leaders. Bring out the best in your people. Make your organization more inclusive and more productive. Exec coaching is a superpower. But why should just the execs get all the perks?

We’re opening up the world’s best coaches to everyone.

Customer success stories

We know the Ezra app works, but don’t just take our word for it! See what our clients have to say about their experience of online coaching.


Why Coaching?

Imagine what your organization could achieve if everyone were coached to be their absolute best.

Sure, there are other ways to invest in your people. But have they ever brought someone to tears through self-reflection? Doubt it.

Through coaching, your people get to know themselves. Their goals. Weaknesses. Hang-ups. And once they know all that, they can build on the good stuff and work on the rest.

Coaches change lives. And organizations. That’s why we’re here.

Why coaching works

Explore the benefits of Ezra

globe Truly global virtual coaching
icf Accredited coaches around the world
cog Customized to your company
devices Coaching via mobile or desktop app
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How Ezra works

How Ezra works

You log into our app, set up a coaching session for whenever’s good, and speak face to face with your own world-class coach.

After that, the world’s your oyster. You can polish skills that will help you do your job, work towards company objectives, hone your mindset, get to grips with issues you’re having… or all of the above and more.

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What's being said about Ezra

  • "One of the things that Ezra offered was pure flexibility for our employees. The ease of being able to find and a match with your coach based on a profile on an app."
  • "The most compelling advantage is access to the coaches. This product isn’t anything unless you can connect with really outstanding coaches, experienced coaches, high-quality coaches. That’s what the Ezra name brings"
  • "My coaching has changed my life. I am forever grateful for their candid and positive approach."
  • "We were able to measure a noticeable shift in our manager's thinking about how they work at McDonald’s."

Kraft Heinz

Providing new managers with the skills to thrive in an ever changing environment

Virtual coaching to accelerate the development of leaders from various levels of the company, across different functions and located in more than a dozen countries.

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