Meet Ezra

And the team behind the tech

For 50 years, LHH (our parent company) has coached hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world. But in 2018, we noticed a problem. The only people getting exec coaching were… execs.

We decided if everyone were coached to get more from their career, the impact on people, and companies would be huge.

A tangible difference

We’ve seen coaching change lives. Rejuvenate teams. Modernize cultures. We’ve also seen what stops organizations from rolling it out beyond the boardroom. Cost, logistics, the difficulty of measuring results.

For us, that’s a waste. Millions of employees who just need a nudge in the right direction miss out.

So we do it differently.

With us, coaching is as easy as a video call. No long commutes to beige meeting rooms. No back-and-forth about finding a slot. You find a coach, choose a time to chat and go from there. All in one, simple app.

1. About our company

We’re a Talent and Learning & Development business that has created an intuitive, app-based coaching solution that can be scaled across your entire organization. Ezra lets your employees choose a coach, schedule live video coaching sessions, and discuss with their goals, plans, and challenges with an ICF accredited coach – all in a way that’s aligned to your company’s objectives and measured in a way that matters to your culture.

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2. About our people

We believe we are changing people’s lives. We believe a happy team is a productive team. We want our people to care and be proud of what they do. We also practice what we preach – every member of our teams gets to experience the superpower that is coaching for themselves.

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