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Our Story

Coaching done differently

Founded in 2018, Ezra is the brainchild of our CEO Nick Goldberg. Having spent years working in the HR and Talent Development space Nick was frustrated by two things:

- the knowledge that coaching was the most impactful means of people development, yet it was only available to those at the very top of an organization

- and the gulf that existed between the beautiful simplicity of consumer applications, and the often ugly and unwieldy software many are forced to use in their workplaces.

A new chapter for LHH & Ezra

With the support of Ranjit de Sousa, the Global CEO of LHH, Nick set about building a team that could deliver accessible coaching at scale whilst leveraging the convenience and ease of use that everyone expects from apps they use in their personal lives.

1. An overview of Ezra

We’re a Talent and Learning & Development business that has created an intuitive, app-based coaching solution that can be scaled across your entire organization. Ezra lets your employees choose a coach, schedule live video coaching sessions, and discuss with their goals, plans, and challenges with an ICF accredited coach – all in a way that’s aligned to your company’s objectives and measured in a way that matters to your culture.

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2. Coaching for over 50 years

As part of the LHH family, Ezra has been able to leverage their 50 years of global leadership in coaching and talent development to help us build better careers, better leaders, and better businesses, through delivering world-class coaching.

As one of the world’s largest coaching providers, LHH has practices in 66 countries and is trusted by thousands of large-scale organizations to deliver best in class solutions aligned to the changing world of work, leadership and coaching.

Building on this experience Ezra provides the easiest way to deliver high-impact professional coaching at scale, whilst customizing everything we do to the needs of our clients, and their users.


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