Ezra Leadership Development Framework

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Anyone can be a leader with the right training. Our Leadership Development Framework can put them on track to help shape a brighter future for your organization.

Connecting your future with your present

The future of your organization depends not only on its workforce but on the quality of its leaders. Whether you’re dealing with new leaders who need to understand their role or current ones who need support in a changing landscape, coaching can help boost their strengths and develop their abilities.

1. Building strategic leaders

Anyone actively involved in shaping strategy, be they senior leaders or internal advisers, will benefit from coaching that focuses on goals such as change, customer advocacy, and leading for diversity.

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2. Stronger people leaders

For those who lead teams and projects, and work closely with other people, coaching can help with managing conflict and developing others, as well as more personal aims such as emotional intelligence.

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3. Development goals

Leadership goals are broken down into three different categories; leading yourself, leading others, and leading your organization, meaning whatever their role, there is leadership coaching right for them.


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