Communication Coaching

Coaching to get people talking

Everyone is different, and that’s why clear and flexible communication is so important. Ezra’s coaching can help guide your team on how to present themselves, whatever the situation.

Lost in translation? Ezra can help.

Communication is not just about avoiding mix-ups, it’s also about the impact that you have when you interact with others. We’ve all seen a smart person struggle to describe something – they may be clever, but it doesn’t mean that they know how to communicate successfully with their audience. Coaching can help identify where communication issues are, and advise on how to tackle them.

1. The complexities of communication

Woman working from home, video conference with coworkers.

2. Understanding impact

Our communication impact is complicated and affected by a variety of personal factors. Coaching can help people understand the impact they have, and identify what they need to work on in order to improve.

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3. Real and honest feedback

At Ezra, our coaches are always supportive, but also completely honest. Offering genuine advice on strengths and areas of improvement is crucial, both to our coaching, and your team’s development.


Ready to help them find the right words?