Strategy Coaching

Coaching to clear your thinking

A coach can’t tell someone what strategy they need to implement for their department or organization, but they can give them the space and support to work it out themselves.

Ezra helps you take the time to plan ahead

Strategy planning is something that often gets left until the last minute. The best way to combat this is to put time aside, uninterrupted by meetings or phone calls – and coaching can give your managers or leaders that opportunity. Whether it’s about shaping the strategy or encouraging innovative thinking, being able to pause and focus is critical to building and maintaining a successful business.

1. Helping clients reach the right answers

We know that our clients already have the answers, even if they don’t realize it themselves! A coach is there to help draw this awareness out, and help people recognize their own knowledge and experience.


2. A different perspective

Sometimes we can’t see the wood for the trees. A coach can be an excellent sounding board, giving us someone who we can bounce ideas off of, and who can help us see things in a different light.

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3. Impartial and unbiased

Implementing ideas is often the hardest part of planning strategy. Having a coach means not only having support but also someone to encourage accountability, without judgment.


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