Our Virtual & Online Coaching

A quick guide to virtual and online coaching with Ezra

All it takes is a few simple steps, and you can be on your way to being a better manager, a more effective employee, or a clearer communicator.


Online coaching has never been so easy

If you’ve been chosen by your company to receive coaching, then congratulations! You have an engaging and rewarding experience ahead of you. You’ll receive a link to download our coaching app and, once you’ve done that, you can get started. If you’re a bit nervous, don’t worry - sessions are 1:1, and the specifics you talk about will stay between you and your coach.

1. First things first…

Before you can have your first session, you’ll need to pick some goals from the provided list to focus on. Once you’ve done that, we’ll suggest some different coaches, and you can choose who feels right for you.

our app screen 1

2. Your first session

Book your session for whenever works for you, then simply log in to the app to chat. Your first session will focus on your personal and professional goals, and making plans for the coming weeks.

our app screen 2

3. Then, go again!

Once you’ve provided feedback on your first session, then you can book your next one. By keeping everything within the app, we’ve provided a simple and secure way to enjoy your online coaching.

our app – screen 3

Take the first step on your coaching journey

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