An Intro To Our Employee Coaching App

Getting to grips with the Ezra app

Your employees are your most valuable asset; providing them with coaching will make them a better team, which strengthens the whole organization. The Ezra coaching app makes that easy.

Coaching can help your team be their best

In order to get the best out of your company, you need to invest time and effort into your employees. A coach can not only help them develop new skills and strengthen the ones they have but also better understand their career, their personal development and their future.

1. Getting started

Once you’ve chosen the coaches you want to work with, the staff you want to be coached and the coaching programs you want to use, that’s it! They’ll receive a link to download the app, and they’re on their way.

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2. Personalized goals

Once they have downloaded the app, they then choose three development goals from the program you’ve selected. They can discuss more with their coach, but this initial three gives their sessions focus.

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3. The importance of feedback

Without feedback, it’s hard to tell if progress is being made. That’s why our app requires feedback to be entered after each session by both the user and the coach, before the next session can be booked.

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Now’s the time to inspire your employees