Coaching At Kraft Heinz

Providing new managers with the skills and competencies to thrive in a constantly changing environment

  • Ezra
  • September 6th, 2020

The Challenge

As it prepared to undertake a significant transformation of its global operating model, Kraft Heinz wanted to do more to prepare managers for the challenges that lay ahead.

Kraft Heinz Program

Kraft Heinz wanted virtual coaching to accelerate the development of leaders from various levels of the company, across different functions and located in more than a dozen countries.

As we stepped into our new business transformation, we knew that we wanted to invest in our people.

Stacey Johnson, Head of Leadership and Culture, Kraft Heinz

Kraft Heinz was familiar with Ezra and what we brought to the table. That allowed for a quick assessment of the needs of high-potential leaders and the design of a tailored coaching program that featured the new corporate culture and values that were being introduced by a new CEO.

Ezra also became the perfect solution to help Kraft Heinz when the pandemic struck. The virtual nature of the coaching, and the flexibility of scheduling, allowed leaders in different countries and time zones, some with 24-hour-a-day production responsibilities, to connect with their coaches in the most convenient way possible.

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The Results and Impact


of leaders would recommend their coach to others


of leaders said using Ezra to was “easy or very easy”

+12 135 leaders coached across over 12 countries from plant managers to heads of divisions

Coaching for everyone

Helping leaders wherever they were and whenever they needed support. Through several different programs, Ezra used our coaching app to work with 135 leaders from different levels of the organization through over 800 individual sessions. The participants included everyone from plant managers to the heads of various product divisions.

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Stacey Johnson

Head of Leadership and Culture, Kraft Heinz

“Ezra offered us something different in terms of executive coaching. Our business moves at the speed of light. We’re constantly and evolving. One of the things that Ezra offered was pure flexibility for our employees. The ease of being able to find and a match with your coach based on a profile on an app. The ability to take a call before work, during work hours, after work. The ability to leverage Ezra’s huge network of leadership coaching so that my employees in China could get a coach compared to our friends in the UK and as well in the US.”

We have no doubt about whether Ezra is an effective use of our investments and resources.”

“When I was working with my coach it was at a really a critical time. Our business was going through a big transformation. I had a project that maybe wasn’t going so well and the pandemic had just settled in.”

“Having a coach who’s a third party, where I can just explain everything that’s happening through my day without any guilt. Literally, a weight off my shoulder, to have someone I can problem-solve without judgment, has been really instrumental in pushing me forward in my own development.”

“I absolutely encourage any employee to take advantage of Ezra because the power of growing your self-awareness, growing some self-reflection, and being able to focus on you and your personal development in such an easy way is totally life-changing.”

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