Tying Coaching Outcomes Back To Development Initiatives

  • Ezra
  • September 9th, 2021

Coaching is available for any purpose in life. It is especially popular for career performance and the development of an organization. Depending on your end goal, there are different types of coaching available. From coaching for development to coaching for change, Ezra discusses how to discover which best suits your individual and organizational initiatives.

Tying Coaching Outcomes Back To Development Initiatives

With there being many types of coaching depending on your end goal, it is important to understand the fundamentals and differences between each method to ensure that you attain the right coaching for your needs. 

What are the two types of career coaching?

Coaching for employee development is very different from coaching an employee to improve their performance. If an employee is looking for a coach to help support their career transformation and development, then they will be looking to help with stepping into a new role. These employees will be looking for identification and verification of how to develop and attain the next step. Whereas coaching an employee for change involves overcoming current hurdles and relates to how to create better results for the business. 

Due to these differing objectives, coaching approaches will be different depending on the final goal. 

The key differences between coaching for development vs coaching for change

There are three distinct differences between the two coaching methods. Firstly, the audience is completely different. 

Coaching for development usually refers to executive-level employees. These are typically the leaders and managers of the business. Coaching is required here if an executive is looking for help with transforming into the next career step. Thus, regular employees may not benefit from this method of coaching. The outcome is to improve performance in order to get to the next level. 

For coaching for change, the audience is much broader. Pretty much any individual can use this coaching method as it is for those who want to ignite change in the business. 

Another difference is the direction in which the employee wishes to go in. When a person wants to develop personally to drive performance, then they will opt for coaching for development. That individual will be seeking support to transform their performance and help them attain a new level of hierarchy. 

When a person wants to go in a single direction to enforce organizational change, they and the coach will work together to reach that goal.

Furthermore, the final distinct difference between the two coaching methods is that one is for personal use and the other is to aid the growth of a business. Coaching for development is for an individual’s gain, whereas coaching for change will benefit the organization as a whole. 

What indicates that you require coaching for development?

For those that have a personal goal and want to focus on their impact on a business, then coaching for development will be your answer. Development coaching focuses on an individual’s needs and the coach will create a plan based on the individual for attaining the end goal. 

If you are someone that requires feedback and improves from it, then you will benefit from coaching for development.  A coach will offer you 360 feedback that is unbiased to help you improve your weaknesses and hone in on your strengths. 

A good development coach will help you learn from personal past experiences and help you acknowledge what to do to become your best self. 

What indicates that you require coaching for change?

If you feel that your team is full of people who consistently make the wrong decisions, then you will want to consider trying coaching for change. You can work with a coach to develop your organization’s initiative and ensure that the right suggestions are taken on board and put into action. When a manager tries to control their team and avoids opinions, then it can slow down the progression of the company. This could put your performance and hinder your end goal. 

This sort of flawed leadership can kill innovation and prevent a team from thriving. If you are seeking change within your business and look to solve industry challenges, then coaching for change will be best suited to you. 

How to get the most out of both types of coaching

Whichever coaching method you pick, there are similar ways in which you can get the most out of your coaching

If you are opting for development coaching, then you will need to understand that performance improvement doesn’t happen overnight. It takes a lot of personal effort and dedication to develop yourself. You have to be willing to take on feedback, put in the hard work, and not rely on the coach to do it all for you. At the end of the day, you are the only person who can change yourself. 

When you choose to attain coaching for change, you will want to ensure you take on feedback and work in tandem with the coach to achieve your end goal. If you avoid overcoming hurdles or let them get in the way, then you will hinder the results of your coaching. Your coach will be there to encourage you, not do the work for you. Thus, when you are attaining coaching for change, you must ensure to primarily focus on the impacts of the organization and make more effort to enhance the success of the organization.

Tying Coaching Outcomes Back To Development Initiatives

How can businesses verify the success of both types of coaching?

A business can verify coaching for change easier than personal development coaching. If a person hires a coach for personal development, then it will be for the benefit of them as well as the business. However, the business will not be able to acknowledge the development until the individual proves themselves. 

When an individual improves their performance and results show in the workplace, then a business will be able to verify that the coaching was a success.

Moreover, coaching for change is much easier to monitor and verify as a business can witness the change happening overall. For instance, if a coach is helping with changing how much profit can be made each month, the finances will indicate whether or not the coaching is a success. The evidence will be much clearer and easier to verify. 

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