Common Leadership Mistakes

  • Ezra
  • August 17th, 2021

Being a leader at work comes with a lot of responsibility and commitment. Not only do you have to stay focused on yourself but you have to help to push the positive progression of others. Learn all about how to identify the most common leadership mistakes and fix your approach.


As a leader, it is important to be able to handle important tasks and responsibilities. You will need to set a good example and fulfil high expectations. Leadership entails a lot of pressure. If you cannot deal with the pressure, then you might start making mistakes. 

Mistakes are common among leaders that lack the right skills and a lack of self-awareness. Today, you will find out more about common mistakes that leaders make, how to identify them, and how to fix your approach.

The Most Common Mistakes That Leaders Make

Leaders can make mistakes from time to time. Everyone is human and everyone experiences failures throughout their personal and work life. Therefore, there are some common mistakes that leaders make. If you are a leader or hope to become one, be aware of these common leadership mistakes.

Lacking an open-mind

If you lack an open mind and then you will not be aware of the mistakes that you are making. Acknowledging that mistakes do happen and lowering your ego will help you become aware when you do make mistakes. 

Lacking humility is an issue for some leaders. They hate to give in and accept that they have made a mistake. But, if you can accept the mistakes then you will learn from them and be able to improve. More so, you will be able to pick yourself up and move on.

Dismissing conflict

Conflict arises in any career. Issues and disagreements are bound to happen at some point. As a leader, you must learn how to acknowledge and deal with issues. Otherwise, you could result in having issues swept under the carpet that come back to bite later on. 

A good leader knows how to confront conflict and resolve issues. Sometimes you might think that it’s best to avoid conflict in order to be fair. However, you can still be fair by helping both parties communicate their issues and offering a solution. It is best to address conflict straight away so that it can be resolved quicker. 

Coming across as overly friendly 

Although being friendly is a great personality trait in life and work, being overly friendly is not a great trait to have as a leader. Be friendly but only to a certain extent. The friendlier you are, you more likely you are to lack boundaries. It is important to be approachable and likable but not a pushover. 

You might get taken advantage of if you are too friendly. When you set boundaries, you can have better control over your staff, which can help you make better decisions. 

Lacking feedback skills

As a leader, it is vital to know how to give feedback. Your employees will rely on you for self-improvement. If you don’t offer staff feedback, then how are they supposed to know how to improve?

A good leader should always give feedback, no matter if it’s discussing someone’s weaknesses. As a leader, you must know how to gently let your employees know how to improve so that you can grow them as well as your business. Always ensure that your approach is friendly so that employees listen.

Managing too many tasks instead of people

All leaders must create a good balance between their work and helping employees learn and improve. When you take on too much work (a common mistake of leaders) you may not leave enough time for yourself to engage with your employees and help them learn. Likewise, you might not leave enough responsibility so that employees can learn. 

It is important to manage people as well as manage tasks. You will be the prime person to set an example in your organization. Thus, making yourself available to help people will benefit your business and fulfil your role as a leader.

How To Identify If You Are Making Mistakes And Fix It

Some people might find it hard to comes to terms with making mistakes at work. If you do not recognize that you are making mistakes, then you could hinder the growth of your business. You will also not fulfil your purpose as a leader. 

Identifying that you are making mistakes is a strong trait to have as a leader. If you struggle to identify that you are making mistakes or understand what mistakes you are making, here are some tips. 

Ask for feedback

Although it is part of your role to offer feedback to employees, it can help to ask for feedback. Asking your employees how you act as a leader can help you improve your skills. Furthermore, it can help you understand if employees feel that you should offer them more time or responsibility. You can enhance your performance and get to know how you act as a leader and what your weaknesses are. If you lack humility, then you might be unaware of your mistakes. Thus, asking for feedback will help. 

Fix your approach

Fixing your leadership approach will be the best way to avoid mistakes and fulfil your role. When you acknowledge your weaknesses and understand how to improve as a leader, you will be able to work on your approach. 

When fixing your approach, you will want to ensure that you:

  • Create excellent standards: this will improve your employee’s attitude and show them how to improve at work. 
  • Challenge your business: experimenting and taking risks may seem scary but it can help to improve your weaknesses and test the waters. You might find new ways to improve and transform your business.
Common Leadership Mistakes

Understanding the common mistakes that leaders make mean that you are aware of what to avoid yourself. If you struggle to identify the mistakes that you make, then you could hinder your business’s success. Improving your management skills and fixing your approach can help you become a better leader, which will fulfil your purpose and grow your business.

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