Accessible Employee Coaching

Accessible, affordable coaching for more employees, not just leaders

Although coaching is largely seen as a tool for leaders, it can also support employees in general. Ezra can help build a coaching solution to help your people navigate transitional career moments like maternity leaves, promotions and expat assignments.

Coaching provides a measure of certainty for employees in an incredibly uncertain world

Artificial intelligence and automation. The pandemic. Volatile markets. Being an employee today is an incredibly stressful experience. Ezra coaches can help calm the choppy waters that many of us find ourselves in today.

1. Top talent demands “meaningful feedback”

Studies and surveys tell the story: your top employees want regular and insightful feedback. Although managers are a source, an Ezra coach can help provide employees with objective commentary and feedback.

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2. Easing the anxiety that comes with isolation

With most of us working from home, it’s hard to fight back feelings of isolation. Regular sessions with an Ezra coach make employees feel a little less lonely, and a little more connected to their organizations

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3. Employees have a lot of balls in the air

Work is not the only demand your employees face. Competing family responsibilities – particularly now, during the pandemic – can overwhelm. Coaching helps employees manage their responsibilities in a safe and productive way.


Coaches make for happier, healthier, more productive employees