The Best Workplace Productivity Apps

  • Ezra
  • July 29th, 2021

Work smarter, not harder, and build continuous professional improvement  into your day to day, with Ezra's pick of the top rated workflow management productivity apps available to modern workplaces.

The Best Workplace Productivity Apps


  • Productive communication 
  • Integrates with other services 

Everyone knows that emails are one of the most unproductive ways of communication within a company. The good news is that Slack is here to, well… pick up the slack! 

Slack is a productive communication app that makes sending and searching messages easy. It allows you to create channels for different projects, groups, and tasks and jump in and out of them as necessary. It also means you can avoid being hit with endless notifications for messages you don’t need to read or comment on, something that leaves you to focus on the task in front of you

Slack has a free option, as well as pro at 5.25 and business £9.75/mth. Services can also be customized to your business needs. 


  • Simple to use 
  • Integrates with other services 
  • Range of functions 

With an innovative and instinctive interface, Trello’s card systems let you manage anything from a simple to-do list to entire projects with ease. Cards can contain all sorts of info such as hyperlinks, images, checklists, and can make use of other services such as SmartDraw, Mailchimp, and Slack! 

The visual nature of the Trello cards system is its key strength because it makes seeing what needs to be done a breeze, saving your business a whole heap of time and effort. It’s sort of like a Pinterest board where you can add links, see who is working on what, and collate all the data you need to proceed. 

Trello has a free option, while the business class option is priced at $10 per user, per month. Customized packages are available on request.


  • Mind map your ideas
  • Collaborate easily 

In essence, MindMeister is an app that allows you to create mind maps of your ideas digitally. This means no more scraps of paper, or napkins that can so easily get lost, taking your genius concepts with them. 

It’s super easy to use too, all you need to do is double click to add an idea. You can even use the MeisterTask tool to transform your ideas into a workable project. 

MindMeister is free for three maps, and then personal plans cost $4.99/month 


  • One login access all your social media accounts 
  • Schedule future posts 

Engaging customers on social media is one of the most vital marketing activities any business can do. However, keeping track of posts, images, comments, and replies can take up an inordinate amount of time. 

Luckily, the brains at Hootsuite have noticed this and created an app that cuts the time and effort you need to spend on attending to your company’s social media in half! 

By using Hootsuite you can access all your social media platforms from one place, schedule future posts, and even reply to comments – easy.

Hootsuite offers a free 30-day trial, and prices are $29 + after that


  • Edit PDF files on the go 

If you are in business you will be working with PDF files. However, if you need to do more than open them, Foxit can save you a whole lot of time and effort. The reason being that it offers the option to edit, sign or convert documents to PDFs on the go. All without having to access Acrobat! This means no more editing delays, and happier clients, faster. 

Prices start from $7.99/month for basic features 


  • Centralized security for your online activity 

Online security is vital in this day and age, and a big part of beating hackers is to ensure you always use secure passwords. That means a different password for every account you use. Of course, being able to remember them is a whole other matter, and you can easily waste valuable time typing, retyping, and resetting your passwords. Unless you use an app like LastPass that is. Indeed, LastPass will remember, generate and even share passwords on your instruction, which means as long as you are logged in to LastPass, you can expect all other logins to be smooth and fast. 

Try LastPass free, or upgrade to paid plans from $4 a user. 


  • Track projects 
  • Easy interface 

Asana is all about tracking the projects you are working on effectively. You can use a board or a list format as well as add comments, make to-do lists, and set reminders. You can also send requests to colleagues which makes it a great way to facilitate conversation about a project and ensure that all the people needed to complete it are involved. 

Premium and business options cost £9.49 and £20.99, respectively. 


  • Scan documents anytime anywhere 

Think of all the time you could save if you could take an instant scan of a document, book, or paper and then annotate, and send it to your email. This is precisely what Scanbot does and it can save you so much time and ensure you always have a wealth of valuable resources from which to draw. 

Scanbot Prices – the basic version is free, in-app purchases (4.99) and pro version (6.99) also available. 


  • Automation 
  • 1500 + apps integration 

Productivity apps are designed to save you time and make your life easier and Zapier takes this to the next level. In fact Zapier is the app to use to make sure all your other apps play well together, something that they rarely do without its help. In essence, with a few clicks, Zapier integrates apps that don’t usually communicate with each other. No coding required! That means you can get your slack app to let you know that Dropbox has downloaded an attempt from your Gmail, all without having to do a thing.

Zapier offers a 14-day trial, and plans from $20 a month after.


  • Organisation 
  • Motivation 

What gets measured gets managed, and that is why Todoist is such a great investment for your team. It tracks your tasks and where you are spending your time, providing a Karma score to show you how well you are doing and to keep you motivated. 

It’s also super simple to change your Todoist view so you can plan your day or week. You can even create a hierarchy of tasks so you know which one to hit first.

Todoist prices include a free version or premium for up to 200 projects. 

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