Measuring Coaching Effectiveness

Ezra’s coaching gives you results you can really see

The success of coaching used to be difficult to measure. With the Ezra app, we make it easy to get the reports and metrics that you need, so you can see exactly how coaching is working for your team.

In-depth reports and statistics that you can use

Unlike more traditional coaching programs, Ezra provides reports and metrics, plus detailed insight reviews and any specific report requests that you have, on both a regular and on-demand basis as defined in your coaching plan. Our customer service team operates around the world, meaning any issues or questions you have about your reports can be dealt with quickly and efficiently.

1. Session-by-session evaluation

Ezra captures feedback from both participants and coaches after every single session. By making the next session unable to be booked until the last has been rated, we get close to 100% feedback every time.

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2. Line manager feedback

Line managers complete a survey at the start and end of the program which, driven by our assessment tool ‘Progress Tracker’, ensures their feedback is also captured and incorporated.


3. What we track

Our multi-layered custom reports track participant adoption, key engagement metrics, user feedback and insights, development focus areas, and progress against selected development goals.

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4. Capturing coaching effectiveness

Capturing data is done via methods such as in-app ratings, tracked engagement, and surveying, as well as regularly regrouping with our coaches to understand themes, insights, and actionable recommendations.


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