The Value Of Coaching

A Business Superpower For Everyone

Equip your whole business with leadership superpowers by understanding the value of coaching at all levels, from first career steps to executive hires.


The personal power and value of coaching

Why not away days? Bigger bonuses? More vacation time? Those are fine. But they’re not tailored to each person. And they don’t have the same tangible impact. Coaching is good for people, and good for business. It gives you all the benefits of corporate training - except people actually enjoy it and learn from it.

According to the International Coach Federation (ICF), 99% of people who get coaching see the value and are satisfied with it, and 96% would recommend it to others.

Why? Unlike other benefits or training, coaching’s personal. It’s about your people, not the company agenda or corporate tick boxes. Sessions can touch on mindsets, beliefs, internal barriers, self-doubt, perspectives, work issues, home issues – whatever the coachee needs.

99% of people who receive coaching are satisfied
96% would recommend it to others

They feel more confident. They know what to do in tricky situations. They become better leaders. If that doesn’t sound like the model employee, we don’t know what does.

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What’s in it for your organization?

It’s like supercharging your workforce.

Coaching makes them happier, so they’re more likely to stay. It makes them more confident, so they can tackle whatever they face. And it creates a culture of learning, so the coaching goes on outside the sessions.

We’ll show you the proof, too.

Individual sessions are always confidential. But we’ll send you a monthly report outlining everyone’s feedback within our coaching app. And you can see data on how people are getting on with their objectives too.

All of which means you don’t have to take our word for any of this - you’ll be able to see the progress for yourself.

96% of organizations made back more than their investment in coaching

of organizations made back more than their investment in coaching

80% of people said they got more confident

of people said they got more confident

70% said their performance had improved

said their performance had improved

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